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New Pattern! -
O My! Stars Pendant
We were so exited about sharing our new pattern with you, we forgot to include a link to find it! Just click on the image, and it should take you there. But, just in case, you can always go to, and search Patterns for "O My! Stars."

We love this combination of O-Beads and SuperDuos surrounding a rivoli for a pendant that is out of this world! Once you get the technique, you'll find yourself making a colorful galaxy of these beauties! We also show you two forms of attachment so you can suspend your lovely pendant on a chain, a string of beads or pearls, or a cord or ribbon.

We're including the rest of the previous email, to be sure you don't miss the Free and Featured Patterns as well.

Thanks to all who caught our goof! We appreciate your attention!!.

O My! Stars

Light as a Feather Earrings
Featured Pattern!
Light as a Feather Earrings



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July 31st

Totally cool! New Product!

A sweet trick of technique turns simple seed beads into fabulous frothy feather earrings! Love Cardinals? Try reds. Or how about black and yellow to honor the Goldfinch? You’ll be making flocks of these feathery cuties in no time!
This is one of the $5.99 Spring Specials!

Convergence Bracelet
Free Pattern!
Convergence Bracelet

The perfect fusion of technique and design for any beginner. This project addresses design theory, as well as several stringing and finishing techniques.
There is a 50 cent administrative download fee.
Items of Interest

A new feature of our newsletters, "Items of Interest" is a place we can ponder creative ideas, news about products, and answers to your questions. Please feel free to email us at with your musings and inquiries.

Since we discussed the various forms of beading threads in the last newsletter, it seemed appropriate to consider thread conditioners here. Thread conditioners are used to coat thread to strengthen it, make it less likely to fray, and reduce tangling. Beeswax, microcrystalline wax, and paraffin are sticky to varying degrees, and prevent tangles by essentially sticking the threads together. Thread Heaven prevents tangling by creating a static charge so that the threads repel each other.

In our opinion, the preferred substance is microcrystalline wax, for a number of reasons.

First, while Thread Heaven does strengthen thread and discourage tangles, it is very slippery, and makes holding even tension difficult. It may be useful in certain bead embroidery applications, but we do not care for it in bead weaving projects.

Although beeswax and paraffin do help with tension to a certain degree, they are messier and coarser than microcrystalline wax. They both do help strengthen thread, and somewhat reduce tangling. However, they both can be difficult to wipe from the surface of the work. In addition, beeswax tends to break down relatively quickly.

Microcrystalline wax is also known as “sticky wax” – and for good reason. It is sticky! Just the right amount of stickiness: it bonds threads together, so they don’t tangle. It, too, strengthens and protects thread. And the stickiness makes it much easier to hold an even tension. It also is easy to buff any excess from the work.

We hope you found this informative and helpful. Keep those questions coming – to

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